What is Painting ?

House Painting is adding colors to your dream house doors, walls, cielling and other part of house. Painting gives real colors during interior designing work. Different type of painting are there 1. Primer Painting, 2. OIL/WATER Based painting, 3. Interior Exterior Painting

Primer Painting

Primer paint is basically not paint but it is necessery paint before applying normal painting. This primer painting gives protections to that object.

OIL/ WATER Based Painting

OIL Based painting made with oil and water based paint made with water. Oild based painting is shiny and durable. Water based painting takes less time to dry also water based paint is thinner and matte

Interior Exterior Painting

Two types painting are there exterior painting and interior painting. Exterior painting basically made with water based paint and Interior painting are made with oild based painting. Some time we use oil based painting for floor during flooring.