What is Flooring ?

Flooring is a permanent covering of floor using flooring material. Floor under the flooring is called subfloor. Different type of materials are used to cover the floor so this process ios called flooring. Subfloor give the support for the main floor. After the construction and house interior job done flooring and painting gives beauty to our home.

Type of flooring

Ceramic Tile Flooring : Ceramic tile flooring is tye of hard flooring. it is strong, long lasting and more familiar. Hard flooring includes concrete flooring, tile flooring, glass tile and natural stone tile.
Laminate Flooring : Laminate flooring also like hard flooring but this method cover the floor with plywoord and MDF.
Wood Flooring : covering the floor with wood is called wood flooring. Cork and bamboo flooring are the example of wood flooring.

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